Men need to be loved, woman need to be wanted. Dec 8th / 12 notes
It’s like we as humans don’t allow ourselves to be happy. It’s like a sense of happiness is followed by misery just to evaluate the level of contentment we were just in. We, ourselves, are our own problem, and our own solution. Dec 8th / 7 notes
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  1. Height: 5’3
  2. Virgin?lol
  3. Shoe Size: 9
  4. Sexual Orientation: straight
  5. Do you Smoke? do you?
  6. Do you Drink? cheap whiskey and fine wine.
  7. Do you Take Drugs? no
  8. Age you get mistaken for: 19
  9. Have Tattoos? not yet
  10. Want any tattoos? fuck yes.
  11. Got any Piercings? ear(x11) belly, nose, tongue, neck.
  12. Want any piercings? lol i always do.
  13. Best friend? crystal
  14. Relationship status: complex as fuck
  15. Biggest turn ons: neck kissing and ear biting… dont ask.
  16. Biggest turn offs: being pushy.
  17. Favorite Movie: mean girls, walk to remember, freedom writers.
  18. I’ll love you if: you can make me laugh, and trust you.
  19. Someone you miss: brandi
  20. Most traumatic experience: brandi passign away
  21. A fact about your personality: im super open minded.
  22. What I hate most about myself: my bod.
  23. What I love most about myself: that people confide in me and find me really helpful to talk to
  24. What I want to be when I get older: happy
  25. My relationship with my sibling(s): we get along, but were not close.
  26. My relationship with my parents: mom, were not super close..i wish we, i mean hes the closest to me in my family but were still not that close.. its sad when u live with people your whole lives and they dont even know like 10 solid facts about you.
  27. My idea of a perfect date: idk, anything simple. watching a movie, going for a drive, going for a walk. i dont care.
  28. My biggest pet peeves: liars, losing shit.
  29. A description of the girl/boy I like: hes one of my close friend but a complete idiot.
  30. A description of the person I dislike the most: a cunt
  31. A reason I’ve lied to a friend: to protect them
  32. What I hate the most about work: jana
  33. What my last text message says: “youre welcome happy birthday! :)”
  34. What words upset me the most: when he mentions her name
  35. What words make me feel the best about myself: when he calls me beautiful
  36. What I find attractive in women. im not lesbehonest
  37. What I find attractive in men. nice eyes, cute smile.. i really dont care about looks. personality and humor are where its at.
  38. Where I would like to live. here or southern america with the cowboys
  39. One of my insecurities. my face
  40. My childhood career choice. teacher
  41. My favorite ice cream. hm, idkk
  42. Who I wish I could be. me but a better version
  43. Where I want to be right now.l wit chuu
  44. The last thing I ate. whitespot
  45. Sexiest person that comes to my mind immediately. channing tatum
  46. A random fact about phones flashing
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